Monday, June 21, 2010

Memory: A Nanite Chaser Story

The new episode of The Nanite Chaser series is up! Along with the new episode, Derek Daniels got a snazzy new logo image for the series. (Look to the left. *wink*) I think he looks rather dashing, don't you?

The new episode has replaced the first one on the home page, so you'll now see Memory listed there instead of The Nanite Chaser. To get to the first episode, I've put in a dropbox under the new story to find Earlier Episodes. Just pick the one you need to read and click Go. Memory will go into this dropbox when Stormy Weather goes up next month. Oops, I said too much!

To me, Memory is a fun one because you get to see a little bit of the early days for Derek Daniels, when he was still learning some of the tricks that are more familiar to him later on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. I will. Give me some time. I took on a couple beta read projects, so I'm behind in loads of blog reading. My favorites always suffer when I'm pretending to be a writer.


  2. You're still doing better than I am! I stay horribly behind on my blogs. :(