Sunday, June 2, 2013

Website Redesigned!

Well, finally, the school year is drawing to a close, and summer is heating up. In perfect time for kicking off summer, my website has just launched the redesign done by Let me tell you, it looks amazing!
It's mostly in the same layout as before, and, so far, with mostly the same content, but the look, wow, you just have to see it. I think you'll be very pleased with how easy it is to navigate around now.

Oh, but don't think there's nothing new under the DavidJace sun... we've put in some really fun little "easter eggs" and extra stuff, with more coming as we settle in. For instance, keep your eye out for this guy.
He's our new mascot. Talk about a blend of fantasy and science fiction! Watch for him around the site, because you'll never know where he'll show up, or what he'll be doing. Some of the things that might happen around the site are small, but fun, others are very new and I hope surprising.

Check out the new site at and let me know what you think! Is there anything missing? Anything you wish was there? (And of course, if you happen to run into anything that doesn't work, do let me know, so we can get it fixed.)

When you're done checking out my new site, surf over to to see what else she's capable of, and let her know what a great job she did on!