Saturday, February 14, 2009

back burners

So, I currently have a ridiculous number of projects on the back burners and nothing boiling on the front. And, of course, I've got two different versions of back burner, too: Finished pieces not in submission and works that need to get finished.

Among those are the novels that have been started, but not finished:
ANTHRO, a novel about a DNA-altering virus.
Wanted: A Few Good Men, a story of hand-picked and created super heroes.

And Novels that have been conceived but not begun, like:
Hero Games, a novel surrounding the Beta testers of a unique full-immersion VR computer game, a MUDD of player-designed super heroes, until they discover just how uniquely realistic the game is!
Metal Heart
, the story of a robot house manager who is in love with his owner.
And an untitled Murdering Werewolf mystery where a detective is trying to find a killer among a world that has accepted and embraced the ostracized mythic and legendary races and creatures of the past, with a few limitations and requirements.

As well as some Short Stories, such as:
Full Moon Rising, a story about a werewolf born to werewolf-hunter parents.
And more from the world of Derek Daniels: The Nanite Chaser

And, of course, there are the projects completed but not currently being submitted anywhere:
Derek Daniels:The Nanite Chaser
Childish Beliefs
As Life Goes By

So, I am confronted by the question of what to do about this. I do have my day job and my studies to consider, as well as getting certified to teach. But neither do I want my writing to subside. So, I guess the question remains, for now, unanswered.

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