Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming down the mountain like a fountain...

So, after my last post, we got Derek Daniels: The Nanite Chaser readied and sent off to Asimov's Writers of the Future. Yes, it's true, we sent Nixie there and she came back sad, but we are hoping Derek Daniels finds better fortune.

And, you may be asking, where is all my writing? Why am I not (hmm there isn't a contraction for am not. Interesting. Perhaps "ain't" fills that gap?) blogging on my current writing project? Well, the answer dear readers (yes, I have the vain hope that there is more than one reader to my blog.) is that I have other non-writing projects clouding my plate currently.

I am taking the last two classes to finish my degree and trying to keep all the degree and certification and licensure programs on track so that I can be teaching in the fall. I am also working with two different schools and districts during the week, limiting my "@home" time to evenings and weekends, which is when I am trying to study and do assignments, etc.

And, please, let's not forget. I also have a life! (A second one, certainly, but a life!) And so, all of these things have combined to slow my writing at the moment. However, they have not slowed my imagination, nor the projects themselves. I may not be writing, but the ideas have continued to come, and I have been secretly squirreling away the nuggets and letting them grow and develop and plan until they will eventually blossom into World Domination!! I mean, blossom into wonderful stories that will pour forth from my keyboard like a literary fountain.

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