Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yellow Light-Red Light-Green Light!

So, in my last post at the end of the summer, I talked about how life had rather thrown me a yellow light and my writing had slowed considerably. Well, then I started my new job teaching English to 8th graders and that pretty much threw down the red light on my writing... and reading... and pretty much anything that wasn't planning, grading, or sleeping!

Well, NaNoWriMo is here!! I've been able to offer this opportunity to the students at school and I have 13 middle school students competing in the Young Writers' Program of NaNoWriMo, plus me! So, I'm writing, but it isn't Hero Games, since I started that previously.

I'm currently working on a new sci fi called Thassodar Jax: Terra Ranger. It is about an alien living on Earth as a representative of the galactic government, protecting the still undeveloped species on this planet. He's like a forest ranger for the whole planet. Everything's going fine. He's dealing with standard tourists who must visit incognito and with heavily restricted import/export agencies. Then he starts noticing a suspicious trend of missing elderly. Elderly citizens of a protected species are NOT approved for exporting!

It's just rather sad that some of my students are leaving my word count in the dust! My only defense is that they don't have papers to grade!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've little time for reading and writing. Don't lose yourself because of work! Your passions are your lifebreath; without them, you sort of wither away.

    I have three little girls who bless me in countless ways. But taking care of them leaves me little time to do the things I love. But sometimes my work just has to wait so that I can indulge myself. This week, I've read far more than I've done laundry. Something has to suffer!

  2. True, life needs passion. But also, life needs funding! The first year is reported to be the hardest, so things should get better as life continues it's forward journey.

    OK, I can't resist the image of your three little girls running around naked whilst you finish a chapter! Welcome to my blog, and thank you so much for commenting.