Sunday, June 19, 2011

Socially Networked

Sometime earlier this year, I created a Facebook account for David Jace, with a Facebook Page for my work & writing persona. That has been going fairly well. I have about 63 "Likes" on the page, and not all of them are friends or family! If you've been reading this blog on the blogger page, you may have noticed the Facebook badge on the side of the page.

Last week, I read this post from Bookends, LLC comparing the relative effectiveness of Twitter vs Facebook. She basically asserted that your fans will find you on Facebook; your Twitter will find you fans.

I have previously blogged about what I think of Twitter. I'm still not in love with the concept, but I decided to give it a try. So, a few days ago, I created a Twitter account under @DavidJace and began tweeting. I followed perhaps a dozen other authors, services, friends. After just a couple of days, I have 5 people following me. Only one of these people do I even know. This, to me, is wonderful. So far, Twitter is making a good show if itself for me. On the other hand, one of the authors I am following tweets quite often, some of which are intriguing concepts, and some are updates regarding his work/appearances. I also, however, know what time he went to bed Friday night, and that he took his dogs for a walk in a thunderstorm.

Also, I updated the website With Facebook and Twitter widgets. There are Like and Follow buttons at the top of the main page, and a widget and a badge at the bottom.

I wait to see where this social networking experiment takes me.


  1. LOL! Well you found me. Hopefully I won't over-inundate your twitter feed. When I started on there I wasn't so sure, but now I'm completely addicted. And the majority of my 1200 followers were unknown to me at the time, but I honestly feel that I've connected with quite a few of them. I think it's a great tool for networking, but also an amazing community of writers that offer support.

  2. Well, that certainly gives me hope, of the 5 followers I initially garnered, two of them have dropped me. (Apparently when I didn't go see their porn or business links, I was deemed not worthy.) Also, I mentioned your name and genre to my wife, and she is now looking you up to add to her reading list! (I don't suppose you have books available for reading on digital devices?)

  3. David - That's very sweet! Thank you. I have two short stories out in anthologies available in E-format. You can find links on my sidebar of my blog. But one is part of the contest you entered, so you may want to wait. :D Honestly if you approach this ready to learn and share you will find that other writers at all stages are open and willing to do the same.

  4. Hi David. I checked your web site and didn't see the contest. Are you still working on it?

    Thanks for friending me on FB :)


  5. Thanks for the reminder, Donna. I'm working on it. It should be up soon!

  6. There we go, contest is posted!