Thursday, June 23, 2011


OK, so I've decided to hold a little contest. My current work, if you haven't been following along (Shaame!), is Hero Games.

The main cast of characters are beta testers for an online rpg superhero game. I used the website Hero Machine, with permission, to create several of the players' heroes. However, you can never have too many heroes, right?

So, here's the contest: Go to Hero Machine and create a hero. Name your hero, and send him/her/it to me. I'll pick the best and announce the contest winner. Winner gets... wait for it... real super powers! No, wait, that can't be right. *Shuffles through his notes.* Ah, here it is! Winner's hero gets included as a cameo role in the novel! That's much more practical. (Though, admittedly, less fun. We'll have to check into that powers thing. Maybe that can be for the honorable mention.)

Anyways, hop over to the Hero Machine and have fun! If you have any trouble, I've posted a guide here. Once you have created and named your hero, you will need to screenshot it to send it to me. Submit entries to


  1. Oh that is a very cool premise! Obviously I like heroes, I just published a short story with my own! I'm *hides head* not very good technically though, so I might have to skip out on this one. But I wish you the best! I'll tweet.

  2. Now just a moment, young lady. You're not getting away with that so easily. It's up to you whether or not to enter, but what is this "not very good technically" that you speak of? (And thanks for the tweet!)

  3. Ok, so I went to the Hero Machine site. No clue how to work it. I chose a pose and put hair on it but couldn't get past that. There was no save button, or next button, or anything I could recognize to continue building my character. Even the name didn't save.

    I don't know about this. I'm not a gammer, but I thought the site would be easier to navigate. Is it something you have to have an established account and sign in logo?

    I will still post this on my blog - need an end date though, but I don't think I'll be able to participate. I'm illiterate when it comes to those "learn as you go" activities.


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  5. OK... new post with explanation on how to use the Hero Machine and a contest deadline.

    Thanks for playing!

  6. I've been asked the limit on entries. Hero Games allows multiple character slots, why shouldn't the contest? Limit if 5 entries, but if you go over that, I'll just consider you a super villain instead!

  7. LOL this sounds like fun.... *runs off to check out website*

  8. Deadline for the contest is THIS FRIDAY! Get your entries in. (If you haven't received a confirmation email from me, than I didn't get your entry.)